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Hello Mister

To the person flipping through my blog frivolously right about now.


And please start tuning in to my tumblr instead.


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it’s been a year

Yea I know I have not been missed. It’s a been a year, so much has happened, and still happening.

Mad crazy.

A year ago, I pretty much left this space alone, came to Hong Kong, did my own lil dance. No I’m not a dancer if you’re wondering. Metaphorically. A year later, I’m ditching Hong Kong, moving to Beijing. A lot came and go, which makes you think a lil, what doesn’t ever go away? Almost nothing really. Yea sure, things get stronger but they still evolve, the old part left. Still friggin left. Yes throw me a huge debate over this.

I have two weeks left in Hong Kong. I sure dig this whole concept of leaving.

Nothing to do with whether I hate Hong Kong or not. It’s the whole idea of final, last minutes and take one last good glance. It’s probably even better than the entire year here.

Food for thought huh?

But like it or not, I have to go.

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freshness hearts woodkid

Posted this on Facebook quite a while back.

But I had an invincible series of mad dreams that reminded me of this. Or pretty much I dreamt of this in my own context with my own characters.

Mad love.

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freshness loves volkswagen


Pleasure before business! (abalone fishing.. .. . .soon . … . .)

A beetle shadow has never been sexier.


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PiKa PiKa!

Light painting at its coolest!

Couldn’t find the very very first one I saw. It got first in some Japanese Animation Festival. I just didn’t dig hard enough. They’ve made so many pieces during this gap that I didn’t pay attention to them. Hahaha.

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Protected: love your t-shirt

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leaders bleed

It’s revolution!

And dear Deon’s track is still stuck in my head. Run to the hill, jump for the kill.

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happy mommas for mommas’ day

It’s strange. I can’t remember when was the last time I celebrated Mothers’ Day.
But this year, staying alone abroad made me wanna wish my mum a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY.

Crazy city lights in place of flowers for MOMMA!


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Protected: launch tees

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he can be my garden imp

He’s so cute! Makes you wanna turn up at work in blazer and pink pants too. Awwwwwwwwww. But this hair of his, makes him looks like a butch no?


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