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tilda swinton by craig mcdean

Love the reference to David Bowie in this collection. And maybe to Annie Lennox as well. In short, gorgeous, really.



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5 Responses

  1. julie says:

    yeah i love tilda swinton, she absolutely stole the show in benjamin button. and her famous unmade-up face. have you seen the viktor and rolf show with her as muse?

  2. indieethos says:

    Button was so 2008. You all should see her in Julia.

    Nice Bowie tribute. You can tell she is a great actress just by this photo shoot and how she capture Bowie’s essence from 1975 and 77. Her posture and attitude are spot on.

  3. Trevor Mill says:

    I remember buying a copy of i-D magazine that had a VERY similar cover… years and years ago. Great look, makes me want to pop down superdrug and get some red hair colouring (as I did when I was 17).

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